iScale by Baijnath Premnath: Revolutionizing Weighing Solutions with Direct-to-Consumer Excellence

About Baijnath Premnath and iScale

iScale: Global Quality, Accurate Weighing Made Affordable, Delivered Directly to Your Doorstep

Baijnath Premnath, a stalwart in the weighing scale industry with over 50 years of experience, has brought its expertise to the forefront through its brand iScale. As the largest Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) commercial and domestic weighing scale brand in India, iScale has earned its reputation as a trusted name in the market.

D2C Excellence

iScale has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the market by adopting a Direct-to-Consumer model. This approach allows customers to access the brand's extensive range of weighing scales at pocket-friendly prices. By eliminating intermediaries and selling directly from the factory, iScale reduces costs dramatically, providing high-quality scales at market-level prices.

Extensive Product Range

iScale caters to a diverse clientele with a comprehensive product lineup for both commercial and domestic use. The range includes tabletop scales, platform scales, jewelry scales, and more. These products are engineered to deliver accurate and reliable weighing solutions across various industries, such as retail, logistics, and manufacturing.

Global Quality at Affordable Prices

The brand is committed to offering global-level quality scales at prices that fit seamlessly into customers' budgets. This commitment is made possible through the D2C model, ensuring that the end consumer receives products directly from the factory. By doing so, iScale maintains its focus on providing superior quality without the burden of inflated costs associated with middlemen.

Innovation and Technology

At the heart of iScale's success lies a dedication to innovation and technology. The brand's investments in research and development have led to the creation of advanced weighing solutions that align with the evolving needs of customers. iScale continually strives to stay ahead in the industry by incorporating cutting-edge technologies into its products.

Stringent Quality Control

Ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and durability, iScale has implemented a robust quality control process. This commitment to quality reassures customers that they are receiving products that not only meet but exceed industry standards. The brand's meticulous attention to detail is reflected in every weighing scale it delivers



iScale, under the visionary leadership of Baijnath Premnath, stands as a beacon of excellence in the weighing scale market. With a legacy built on trust, innovation, and a commitment to delivering value, iScale continues to redefine the industry landscape, offering top-tier weighing solutions directly to consumers.