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Baijnath Premnath 2000g (2kg) OIML M2 Class Stainless Steel Standard Test weight for Testing & Calibration with NABL Certificate, Precision 300mg with ABS container


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    About the Product:

    • Highest Precision Calibration:Baijnath Premnath’s 2000g (2kg) OIML M2 Class Calibration Standard Weight ensures the highest precision and accuracy for your digital scales, meeting OIML Class M2 standards.
    • Durable Chromed Steel Construction: Crafted with chromed steel and featuring an adjustment seal on the bottom, this calibration weight is not only durable but also resistant to corrosion and low magnetic susceptibility.
    • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for various settings, including digital jewelry scales, general laboratory use, commercial applications, and educational purposes, providing versatility in calibration needs.
    • Mirror Finish with Cylindrical Knob Shape: The single-piece calibration weight boasts a mirror finish and is designed in a cylindrical knob shape, combining functionality with an aesthetic appeal. It comes with Heavy-duty ABS Case for saftey and easy handeling,
    • NABL – ISO 17025 Accredited Certificate: Comes with an NABL – ISO 17025 Accredited Certificate, ensuring that your calibration weight meets the highest industry standards for reliability and precision.


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