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iScale 500kg Platform Scale (600x600mm) – Precision 50g – for Shops, Warehouses & Kitchens – Stainless Steel Platform with Calibration Certificate – Double Side Display


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  • After-Sales Service: For scale installation or usage issues, contact our customer service at the number in the manual. We’ll assist you within 30 minutes. 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects, service available in all cities.
  • Important: While ordering a scale, be cautious and check the platform size. The prices and utility of weighing scales are primarily determined by the size of the weighing platform. Beware of lower-cost scales that may mislead customers by labeling high capacity while actually having a smaller platform size.
  • Robust and Reliable: Heavy-Duty Scale with 600x600mm Steel Platform – 500kg Capacity, 200g Minimum Weight, 50g Accuracy (Steps of Weighing), Calibration Certificate Included!
  • Convenient and Efficient: Plug-in Power Adapter with 2-Day Backup and Power Saver Mode on Heavy-Duty Scale with Built-In Battery!
  • Versatile and Accurate: The Perfect Scale for Local Businesses, Kitchens, Offices, Warehouses, and More – Ideal for Retail, Parcel Weighing, and All Commercial Applications!
  • Complete Package for Seamless Weighing: Includes Weighing Scale Platform, Power cable, Display Box, Pole, Calibration Certificate, and Installation Manual!
  • Enhanced Visibility and Durability: Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Platform with Double-Sided Green LED Display for User and Customer Engagement.
  • Care Instruction: Place scale on a flat stable surface, remove packaging before use. Avoid direct wind exposure. Use battery backup only during power outages for longer battery life.

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    ## iScale 500kg Heavy Duty Platform Scale (600x600mm) – High Precision (50g) **Take Your Weighing to the Next Level** The iScale 500kg Heavy Duty Platform Scale is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals who need a reliable and accurate way to weigh a variety of items. This versatile scale boasts a **large 600x600mm stainless steel platform** that can handle weights up to 500kg, making it ideal for shops, warehouses, kitchens, offices, and more. **Unmatched Accuracy and Convenience** Experience exceptional precision with **50g readability** and a minimum weight of 200g. The scale comes pre-calibrated with a certificate included for your peace of mind. A **double-sided red LED display** ensures clear visibility for both users and customers. **Built to Last** This heavy-duty scale features a robust construction with a stainless steel platform for long-lasting durability. The included **plug-in power adapter** provides reliable operation, while the **built-in battery** with power saver mode offers convenient backup power. **Complete Solution for Hassle-Free Weighing** This comprehensive package includes everything you need to get started, including the weighing scale platform, power adapter, display box, pole, calibration certificate, and installation manual. Our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you within 30 minutes for any installation or usage issues, and a **1-year warranty** provides added peace of mind. **Invest in your weighing needs today! Order your iScale 500kg Heavy Duty Platform Scale now!**


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