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iScale Go-Lite, 30kg x 1g, Small pan size 21.5×16.5cm, Best Suitable for 5-10kg, Domestic All-purpose weighing scale, Rechargeable, Double side display, ABS Body


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About the Product:

  • Prompt Support: If you face any issues while starting or weighing on the scale, please call customer support for quick assistance. The issue will be resolved within 30 minutes. The scale has 6 Months warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Caution: Please check the platform size of the product before ordering any scale as prices & utility of weighing scales are primarily based on the size of the weighing platform of the scale. This scale has small pan & is not suitable for shops and best suitable for home, office, parcel weighing and internal purposes.
  • The weighing pan measures 21.5 x 16.5 cm. Maximum Weighing Upto: 30kg, Precision: 1gram. Best suitable for weighing 5-10kgs.
  • Minimum weight it can weigh is 6 grams, after it the accuracy (step of weighing) will be 1g upto 30kgs.
  • Directly Plug-in 220V Power Adapter. There is also power backup of 1 day as it has in-built non-spill able lead acid battery. When the power is 100%, the standby time is about 6 months. The scale will also automatically switch to power saver mode when it is in non-use condition, to save power.
  • Ultra Bright Green LED display on both sides of the scale. Easily visible in sunny daylight too.
  • Ideal for Home & Kitchens, Parcel weighing, Offices, Warehouses and all kinds of Industries etc. Can be used anywhere domestically for high accuracy weighing.
  • Sale Package: Weighing Scale ,Power Adapter for using with direct electricity &charging, User Manual
  • Care Instruction: Place scale on a flat stable surface, remove packaging before use. Avoid direct wind exposure. Use battery backup only during power outages for longer battery life.

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    Product description:

    Introducing the iScale Go-Lite, a reliable weighing solution designed to meet your diverse needs. Here’s what makes it stand out: **Key Features:** – **Capacity:** Weighing up to 30kg with a precision of 1 gram, the iScale Go-Lite is ideal for a range of applications. – **Weighing Pan:** The spacious weighing pan measures 21.5 x 16.5 cm, providing ample space for various items. – **Best Suited for 5-10kgs:** Perfectly calibrated for optimum accuracy in the 5-10kg range. – **Minimum Weight:** Able to measure as low as 6 grams, with an accuracy step of 1 gram up to 30kgs. – **Plug-in Convenience:** Directly plug into a 220V power adapter for consistent and reliable power. – **Battery Backup:** Equipped with an in-built non-spillable lead-acid battery, providing a 1-day power backup. At full power, enjoy a standby time of approximately 6 months. The scale automatically switches to power saver mode during non-use to conserve energy. – **Ultra Bright LED Display:** Featuring an ultra-bright green LED display on both sides, ensuring visibility even in sunny daylight conditions. – **Versatile Use:** Ideal for home and kitchens, parcel weighing, offices, warehouses, and various industries. Its high accuracy makes it suitable for a wide range of domestic applications. – **Sale Package:** The iScale Go-Lite comes with the weighing scale, a power adapter for direct electricity usage and charging, and a user manual. – **Care Instructions:** To ensure accurate readings, place the scale on a flat stable surface and remove packaging before use. Avoid direct exposure to wind. Use the battery backup only during power outages for an extended battery life. The iScale Go-Lite is your go-to solution for precise and convenient weighing in various settings. Experience accuracy and efficiency in one compact and user-friendly scale.


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