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Baijnath Premnath 500g x 0.01g (10mg), Gold & Silver ornaments and laboratory Research purpose Weighing Scale with Windshield cover and Direct power cable


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    About this item

    • It is a very high accuracy sensitive scale, for getting stable and accurate weight, Brand’s team provides Very Easy Troubleshooting and Calibration Support on call with technical support for first time digital weighing scale users
    • Accuracy of 10 milligrams (0.01g) {100th part of a gram},hence its a very sensitive scale, should be used in a stable environment without wind and on a stable flat surface to get proper stable accuracy.Maximum weighing Capacity is 500 Grams
    • Sleek design: crafted with unbreakable fibre which is perfect for both a home office or professional business. Long life durable and accurate scale with 6 months carry in warranty
    • Accurate and precise: 500g maximum weight, 10mg precision. Comes with wind shield cover for weighing gold jewelry with fan on. Weighing platform measures 10 centimeters dia
    • Portable and safe: 400 hours of battery backup in one set of 2 AA cells or directly plug-in 220v power adapter to use it with direct mains current. Heavy unbreakable platter for using in tough environments and in all kinds of industries, stores, homes, laboratories
    • Easy viewing: first in class large green LCD display with wide 180 degree viewing angle. Read weights in direct sunlight as it is a green display and it does not fade away in direct sunlight




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