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Baijnath Premnath DM-3 1000g (1kg) x 0.01g (10mg) Digital Jewellery Weighing Scale – Precision Scale for Gold, Silver, and Laboratory Use – Domestic & Research


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About this item:

  • Prompt Support: Please Read the instructions manual carefully before operating the scale. If you face any issues while starting or weighing on the scale, please call customer support for quick assistance. The issue will be resolved within 30 minutes.
  • Minimum weight: Minimum weight it can measure is 60mg (0.06g). After that the accuracy of weighing (Steps of weighing) will be 10mg (0.01g)
  • Maximum weight: It can weigh 1000g (1kg), Accuracy is 10 milligrams (0.01g) {100th part of a gram}, hence its a very sensitive scale, should be used in a stable environment
  • Caution: Weighing platform measures 10 x 10 Centimetres, Please check the platform size before ordering as scale prices & utility depends on platform size. This scale has small pan & best suitable for homes, offices and internal domestic uses.
  • are instructions: Please do not hold it on hands while starting the scale. Always put it on a flat and stable surface and switch off the fan while switching on and using the scale for best performance as its a very sensitive scale.
  • Portable and safe: Best in class 400 Hours of battery backup in one set of 2 AA cells. Clean stainless-steel platter for weighing Gold & Silver Jewellery, Precious stones, food products, grains, Medicines and all other products which needs hygienic and clean environment with high accuracy. Ideal for jewellers, homes, pharmaceuticals, Labs and for sample weighing.
  • Package contents: Weighing scale, Instructions manual & Replaceble AA batteries.
  • Multipurpose Domestic scale: Ideal For Jewelers. Used for weighing gold and silver ornaments for internal purposes and manufacturing. Can also be used for weighing costly medicines and chemicals.
  • Warranty: Long life durable and accurate scale with 6 months carry in Replacement Warranty

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    Product description:

    The Baijnath Premnath DM-3 Digital Jewellery Weighing Scale offers precise measurements for gold, silver, and laboratory items. With a 1000g (1kg) capacity and 10 milligrams (0.01g) accuracy, it ensures highly accurate results. **Support and Caution:** Our customer support team is ready to assist you promptly. Please read the manual before use and note the scale’s minimum weight of 60mg (0.06g) and maximum capacity of 1000g (1kg). Ensure a stable surface for accurate readings. **Portable and Reliable:** Featuring a 400-hour battery backup and stainless-steel platter, it’s perfect for various applications, including jewellery, food, and pharmaceuticals. **Package Contents and Warranty:** Each purchase includes the scale, manual, and AA batteries, backed by a 6-month replacement warranty. **Versatile Use:** Ideal for jewellers and domestic purposes, it’s a valuable tool for weighing precious items and more.


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